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Simplify & Grow Your Agency Like Never Before

Better Agency is an all-in-one platform that gives Insurance Agents a high-tech, yet easy-to-use solution for marketing, prospecting, sales and retention – without the stress of learning how to build and use different systems.

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Imagine your agency making more money, with less stress. That version of your agency is here.

Better Agency was designed to relieve you of the headache that comes from growing your business and keeping your clients happy. No more having to become a tech master to get results for your agency.

Better Campaigns

With only a few clicks, you can start automating texts, emails, tasks and notifications to your prospects, clients and your team without having to write a single email or text message.

Better Lead Management

Our simple to use pipeline allows you to drag and drop prospects from one stage to the next in seconds. Our system was designed to keep engaging with them for where they're at in their journey.

Better Copywriting

Every email, text and team notification was written by professional copywriters to grasp the attention of the reader so that they take immediate action.

Better Conversion Tracking

Stay in easy contact with prospects and clients alike using our contact record. Our platform logs all emails, texts, and recorded calls in one easy to manage screen. Keeping it simple for you.

Better Renewal Processes

When prospects become clients, the platform will support you through the renewal process by engaging the client through professionally written emails and text messages, so you don't have to.

Better Claims Handling

Easy to use claims campaigns make sure that whether the claimant filed the claim, or you helped them file it - the system will stay in contact with your client throughout the client to ensure satisfaction.

Better Review Management

When you turn prospects into paying clients with our platform, the client will be welcomed into your agency, while we also engage with them to leave you a 5 star review to further build your brand.

Better Cross-Selling

Immediately when you win a sale with a new client, you can start a specific cross-selling campaign so that our platform takes care of most of the sellling for you.

Better Accountability

Track your different lead sources in a clean and simple dashboard so that you can see how many leads each producer has, and where most of your business is actually coming from.

Better Sales Tracking

Manage your sales for each user within the dashboard so that you know immediately how much premium is being sold in your agency, and how much commission is being generated.

Better Options

For the times you want to customize your experience with tools outside of the platform, we have a direct Zapier integration. Now you can connect Better Agency to 1000's of different tools.

The days of piecemealing your marketing & automation together with 20 complicated tools is over.

Aren’t you tired of patching together a dozen different apps, only for your crazy automation concoction to not even work the way you need? The more tools you use, the more points of failure and complication exist in your workflows.

To make things worse, you have to contact a separate support team for each individual software, making it extremely frustrating and time consuming to get help.

And let’s not forget about the combined cost of all those tools! It’s not hard to spend over $1,000 per month on marketing software. Better Agency consolidates and simplifies your marketing, while saving you serious money each month!

better agency
better agency

Any agency can reach new levels of success with Better Agency.

No matter what size your agency is, Better Agency will help you win more customers — period. Here are some of the features that make this tool so powerful for insurance agencies:

  • Complete, Done-For-You automated campaigns
  • Revenue and Commission Calculators (Segmented per carrier)
  • Communication History for Team Accountability (and E&O)
  • Client Document Storage 
  • Assign Team Tasks & Reminders To Ensure The Work Gets Done
  • Permissions Control For Team Members
  • More incredible features coming

Cost effective, and flawlessly simple for beginners — yet robust enough for Tech-Saavy agents.

Using multiple different apps in your marketing also means multiple learning curves. Sadly, the average agency owner either doesn’t have the time, or would have to painfully study way too much about technology to even be able to use the different tools they’re paying for because of the learning curves involved.

Better Agency is seriously so easy to use that anyone can dive right in and get the hang of it within minutes. What’s more, our documentation and support staff is there to make sure you productively use every piece of this amazing tool.

Keep in Mind – this platform was designed exclusively for insurance agents. We only focus on features that improve your life. This keeps the platform simple and easy to use, while providing you the ability to win more policies and free yourself of stress. Lastly, we’ll save you serious money.

Our platform is literally a fraction of the combined cost of the dozen or so apps that most agencies try to piece together for following up with leads and nurturing relationships with prospects. With a 14 day free trial, you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Generating leads and turning them into real revenue for your agency are two different things.

One thing that is well known, but little understood is that the money is the follow-up. Leads are literally worthless unless you can convert them into sales, and sadly, many agencies convert less than 8% of the leads they generate. It’s mostly because there is no follow-up process in place.

The average person gives up on a lead after just one attempt. But it takes on average at least 16 attempts to engage with a prospect before you can get a sales conversation going. No wonder most people struggle to work leads, that’s exhausting.

Better Agency automates your follow-up process with strategically placed and touch-points that are proven to generate significantly higher engagement with your prospects.

How much additional revenue could you generate if your lead conversions were closer to 25% instead of 8%? Or how about 50%+? Depending on your average lifetime customer value, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for your agency.

That’s how important follow-up is, and Better Agency handles it all for you. This changes everything.

Flexible Pricing For Any Size Agency



Per month

  • All Core Features
  • 1-3 Users
  • UNLIMITED Contacts
  • 1000 SMS/Mo
  • 5000 Emails/Mo



Per month

  • All Core Features
  • 4-6 Users
  • UNLIMITED Contacts
  • 2000 SMS/Mo
  • 10000 Emails/Mo



Per month

  • All Core Features
  • 7-10 Users
  • UNLIMITED Contacts
  • 4000 SMS/Mo
  • 20000 Emails/Mo